A Family Business, Built
On Exceptional Passion.

At White Cross, we know that healthcare professionals are often called upon to be exceptional, which is why we make our garments exceptional too. Since the early 20th century, our scrubs have always been a cut above, offering flattering fits, high-quality materials, and a superior level of workmanship, thanks to the dressmaking expertise of our founders, Sam and Rahme Ganthous Lutfy.

Today, inspired by the passion of three generations of the Lutfy family, we’re dedicated to matching the achievements of our customers with garments that truly go the distance in terms of cut, comfort, and effortless style. By doing so, we’re able to offer world-class products for healthcare professionals who expect the very best from their working wardrobes.

In 2022, White Cross was proud to join Kindthread’s portfolio of brands, each dedicated to serving and transforming the healthcare apparel industry while driving positive community impact.
Our Values
1. Exceptional Quality
White Cross has always been known for its Fine Quality Uniforms. Today, our flattering fits, high stitch counts, and superior workmanship reflect our 100 plus years of serving healthcare professionals.
2. Exceptional Style
White Cross products seamlessly integrate the demands of the workplace with the prevailing winds of style. Elegance is part of our heritage, from the early days in dressmaking for nurses to Madeleine Lutfy’s fashion innovations brought in the 1970s.
3. Exceptional Stories
Every product we make is tied to a story that relates to our heritage and our future. We engage with our clients on an emotional level, by sharing information about every collection’s inspiration, quality, and benefits.
4. Exceptional People
White Cross’ reputation remains strong due to the passion and creativity of the Lutfy family, as well as its pioneering female leaders. We understand what it takes to do a job well, just like the healthcare professionals we serve.
Embrace Exceptional.